Who Makes Vizio TVs & Where Are They Made? 

Vizio is an American brand that sells televisions, sound bars, viewer data, and advertising. It was founded in 2002 and is based in Irvine, California. Unlike most major electrical appliances, Vizio TVs are not made in the United States.

Chinese and Taiwanese ODMs such as Foxconn & AmTRAN technology make Vizio TVs. So, Vizio TVs are manufactured in China and Taiwan, and each finalized product is imported into the US. From here, the televisions are sold under the Vizio brand.

They make the best high-quality TVs that are not only reasonably priced but also have innovative features and durable life. Let’s look at exactly where the Vizio TVs are made and the relevant details related to Vizio TV manufacturing.

Who Manufactures Vizio TVs?

Vizio partnered up with companies to manufacture world-known televisions. It undergoes a complex production procedure that ensures the final product is of the finest quality and proficient performance.

Manufacturing Process of Vizio TV

Vizio TVs are made in collaboration with Chinese original design manufacturers like Foxconn, AmTRAN, Tonly, TPV, Zylux, and BOE Beijing Oriental Electronic Groups. Here are the details of Vizio TVs’ complex production process.

TV's manufacturing process
TV’s manufacturing process

Production Process of Vizio TV

The Vizio television parts are designed and developed using AmTRAN technology, which is located in Taiwan. It is one of the crucial cogs in the whole procedure of equipment production. They work in collaboration with the design team to prepare the television parts.

The team then sends the television parts from AmTRAN to other factories in China. After this, the parts are assembled in China.

Before sending it to the outlet or Vizio stores in different countries, the final product undergoes extensive testing so that the product that comes into the market becomes flawless. Such a production process ensures the television is up to the company’s standard quality.

Manufacturing Companies List

Here is the list of the manufacturing companies collaborating with Vizio. All of these manufacturers help it in building flawless equipment.

They help build televisions with the use of visually licensed technology. The list of the manufacturing companies includes:

  • Foxconn
  • AmTRAN
  • Innolux
  • KIE
  • Zylux
  • TPV
  • BOE (Beijing Oriental Electronic) Groups

Let’s examine the information related to AmTRAN Technology Ltd. and Foxconn, Vizio’s partners in manufacturing Vizio TVs. We will look into the details of both of these partner companies.

Foxconn’s Role in Manufacturing Vizio TV

Foxconn is one of Vizio’s well-known stakeholders and investors. It is a highly reliable electronics manufacturer located in Taiwan. It manufactures Vizio TV and works in collaboration with the company.

Foxconn is reliable as the company has produced and is producing many Vizio TVs and always makes sure to meet the standards requirement of quality and performance of the Vizio. Remember that Vizio does not have its factories, and it works in partnerships with ODMs.

Foxconn's building
Foxconn’s building

AmTRAN Technology LTD. Role in Manufacturing Vizio TV

It is another Taiwanese company that is one of the major contributors to helping Vizio manufacture its TVs. AmTRAN Technologies Ltd. provides the essential components and equipment for the manufacturing of televisions.

There are several Asian plants of AmTRAN technologies in which most of the Vizio smart TVs are manufactured and assembled. AmTRAN Technologies is a primary company and is the one on which Vizio relies a lot because of its component’s superiority.

AmTRAN's Factory
AmTRAN’s Factory

Just like Vizio, you may be wondering who makes Onn TV. Because they are also not made in the US.


Does Sony own Vizio?

No, not at all. These businesses are entirely separate and have nothing to do with one another. Vizio is a well-known American company that manufactures highly renowned and trustworthy sound bars and televisions.

Where are the Vizio TV parts and equipment made?

The Vizio TV parts are designed and developed by Foxconn and AmTRAN Technologies Ltd. These companies are located in Taiwan. Products are then sent to China, assembled, and then sent to the outlets.

Why is Vizio TV so cheap?

Vizio TVs are affordable because the company uses third-party factories to save expenses. They focus mainly on wholesale distribution in the U.S., making it a reliable choice for those looking for budget-friendly options.

What is Vizio?

Vizio is a well-known and young American brand that is involved in manufacturing sound bars and televisions. The company makes sure to manufacture high-quality and reliable products. It works in collaboration with multiple third-party companies and manufacturers of affordable equipment.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gone through this article mentioned above that tells you about the location where Vizio TVs are made and which companies work in collaboration with Vizio to create unique products. Vizio works with several manufacturing companies and makes world-renowned products with high-quality construction and flawless performance. The two major companies Vizio works with are AmTRAN Technologies Ltd and Foxconn.

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