Who Makes Onn TV? All You Need to Know

Onn TVs are getting popular with time, given their low prices and standard functionality. However, the fact that the information about its manufacturers and design remains confidential makes people susceptible to the TVs.

So, if you are planning to buy one TV and want to get peace of mind about your choice, here is a complete guide on who makes Onn TVs.

Who Makes Onn TV?

Walmart is the owner of the Onn trademark. It is a private label, and all the products sold under this name are monitored by the retailer’s own name, which is Walmart. That said, Walmart does not identify with the company that manufactures Onn TV, as it typically enables merchants to get goods and products from several vendors.

The manufacturing plant is commonly known to be located in China, but there is no clue about its specific location. When it comes to the manufacturing process, there is a lack of transparency about its design, features, and specifications.

However, from popular opinion, we can assume that the TVs are similar to other Chinese-manufactured alternatives like TCL, Haier, and Konka.

Walmart's Store
Walmart’s Store

Onn TV Parent Company

As discussed above, Walmart is the parent company of the Onn brand, which means all the products are manufactured by the Chinese company Onn, including the Onn TVs. Walmart’s private label trademark is known by the name of Durabrand, which manufactures Onn TVs and offers repair services for the other consumer electronics associated with the name.

Are Onn TVs Any Good?

Well, Onn TVs are usually considered good for people who are tight on budget and looking for a minimal set of features. Typically, these TVs have received mediocre ratings across the market, and most of their selling revolves around low prices and cutting-edge design. Overall, they are pretty reliable, and an average 25-inch TV costs around $70.

The good thing about these TVs is that they have a Roku Operating System, which is one of the best out there. Also, the TVs are sold under Walmart, so consumers can buy them with confidence and peace of mind. So, for the most part, whether these TVs are good or not depends solely on your personal preference.

Onn. Roku TV
Onn. Roku TV

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Good Things About Onn TV

Value for Money

The best thing about Onn TVs is that it can fit any budget, making it a value-for-money option. In comparison with other high-end brands, it supports basic features and offers flexible prices.

That said, you can watch local channels like Fox Sports and other similar channels. Despite the affordable prices, it allows you to enjoy 4K technology, which is definitely a deal-maker for many.


Getting an Onn TV is pretty convenient, considering that you can get it from any nearby Walmart store. You also get to enjoy compatibility with the ethernet cables and WiFi for video streaming. In addition, Onn TVs come with universal remotes, so you do not have to pay extra for a specific remote.

Roku OS

In addition, the Onn TVs use the Roku operating system, which is the most loved OS across the market. This is because it has an intuitive platform that also gives access to video streaming channels and other services like video gaming. So, as an Onn TV user, you can get access to favorite streaming platforms like Prime Videos, Hulu, Disney, and Netflix.

Roku Operating System
Roku Operating System


Another good thing about Onn TVs is that they come with a limited warranty, covering issues with construction and materials. It usually lasts for over a year, depending on the model and purchase date of the TV. So, if your TV encounters any problems, Walmart is responsible for repairing and replacing the components without any extra cost.

Walmart also sells a few Onn TVs with extended service contracts that may offer you extra perks on the warranty period. It also offers services like reduced waivers, accidental damage repair, and in-home service. Do note that a regular warranty does not cover abuse and accidents.

Drawbacks of Onn TV

Average Performance

Do note that the Onn TV has some performance issues, which become extremely apparent at one point. Some recurring issues you may experience with Onn TV include slow input response time, poor sound quality, low processing power, and inadequate motion handling. Also, in comparison with other high-end smart TV brands, the performance is average and can be improved.

Not-So-Engaging Features

When compared with popular market choices like LG, Sony, and Samsung, Onn TV does not have many features. You may get standard features like Ethernet, USB ports, HDMI, and universal controls. Aside from this, you may get some standard picture and image quality settings like modifying colors and contrast levels.

Common Complaints

Overall, Onn TV has received mixed reviews from users. The negative feedback from consumers is primarily because of its inadequate audio quality, customer service, and lack of advanced features. However, many people really like them for their low initial and maintenance costs and, needless to say, convenient operations.


What brand is Onn Roku TV?

A private label trade name, Durabrand, owned by Walmart, produces Onn Roku TV. These TVs are manufactured by the Chinese and come packed to Walmart.

Which one is the Onn TV website?

Onn TV has an official website, onntvsupport.com, that offers support and assistance for your TV. From here, you can see their new models and features.

Where can I buy Onn Roku TV?

You can buy any Onn Roku TV from your nearest Walmart.

Final Thoughts

Who makes Onn TV? This is the question most people ask before buying the Onn Roku TV, as the information about its manufacturers is not publicly available. I hope this guide has managed to give you the required information about the Onn TV manufacturers and owners.

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