Vizio TV Power Button: Where is it Located?

The Vizio TV is the gateway to enjoying your favorite TV series or watching NBA final matches. Vizio TV is a new brand compared to the others; therefore, people are unfamiliar with it. If you have bought a Vizio TV and cannot find its power button, it is a common issue among the new Vizio TV users, so do not be ashamed.

The power button is present on the front of the TV; some are connected to the remote controllers, while others function according to voice commands. The Vizio TV has multiple features but does not have a voice command turn-on feature, nor is the power button available on the remote controller. Let’s take a deep dive into the sea of Vizio TV details and see the things that matter when you turn on the TV.

The power button on the Vizio TV is under the infrared sensor or on the left or right side of the TV. It can also be on the back side depending on the model you are using.

The brand has launched a list of models in the past 10 years, each with unique features and an attractive body. Not only are the features of the TV upgraded, but also the properties and the appearance are changed to make it look different from the previous model. Therefore, I have divided the TVs into 2 categories; the Pre-2015 and Post-2015 models.

If you see the models before 2015 and compare them with those after 2015, you will see a major difference. The Pre-2015 models look like classic LED TVs, while the latter seems modern. The features and appearance are different; their buttons are also located in different locations.

Location of Power Button on Vizio TV

Most TVs have it on the lower left back side. Its location depends on the model you are using, and some also have buttons on the front right side. If you cannot find the button, go to the back side of your TV and see the right lower side toward HDMI cables.

It is hard to find because of its aesthetic paint, so you can use a flashlight to see the sides of the TV. There are also other buttons with them, so if you want to turn on the TV, see the icon on the button because other buttons are for setting, volume, and brightness.

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Vizio TV Pre 2015 Models

Vizio TV is one of the fastest-evolving devices I have ever seen, as the brand launches a new model every 6 months. The TVs before 2015 were slim, large, clear crystal screens with an undefeatable color scheme. But people’s problem after purchasing these TVs is how to turn them on.

Old model's power button on the back
Old model’s power button on the back

The power button on these TV models is on the screen’s bottom left side. For example, if you have a Pre-2015 model TV, it is available on the left side bottom of the screen. The first button from the above is it.

Another possibility is that the button is located on the rear left side of the bezel. For example, you are facing the TV from the front side; it is on the back left of the frame. These buttons are visible, and the first one from above is the power button, turn it on and enjoy your favorite series.

Old model's power button on the side
Old model’s power button on the side

Vizio TV Post 2015 Models

Then comes the modern models with a cooling fan, slim screens, smart display, and Android operating system. Most people use Vizio TV Post 2015 models compared to the previous ones as they provide next-level features and have cutting-edge technology. The buttons are hard to find on these models because of their aesthetics. They can be at the bottom of the panel, in the center, left or right.

New model's power button on the bottom left
New model’s power button on the bottom left

The Vizio TV Post 2015 models mostly have it in the front side’s bottom left or right corner. Move your fingers around the bottom of the TV to find it. There are 1-3 other buttons with the power button, but you should see its icon and tap on it. Some models have them on the back too.

New model's power button on the back
New model’s power button on the back

Why are Vizio TV Power Buttons Hard To Find?

There are multiple factors and dimensions of the problem. Firstly, not all people find searching for it difficult. Only the people unfamiliar with the new technological advancement face such problems, while people who like to use new technologies are familiar with such problems and know the solutions.

On the other hand, the buttons are hard to find because of their aesthetics. The manufacturing brands focus on the TV’s face, technology, and aesthetics to make it look different from the other company products. Therefore, they make the screen slim and fill the corners of the frame with screen LEDs to make it different.

When they consume all the space from the front side of the TV, they try to adjust the buttons on the backside. Another problem occurs: the TV’s back contains speakers, fan filters, and other components. In the end, brands try to adjust the buttons in the corner of the TV where they are hard to find, and once you find them, you cannot see the icon because of the small sizes of these buttons.

Lastly, the latest TVs have cutting-edge features, such as you can turn on the TV with the help of voice commands, or you can use the remote controller to turn on the TV. These models do not have 6 to 7 buttons except 2 to 3 maximum, including the power, settings, and reset buttons.

So, the devices’ unfamiliarity with technology, minimalist design, and advanced features are why Vizio TV power buttons are hard to find.


What causes a Vizio TV to not turn on?

There can be multiple reasons why the Vizio TV is not turning on. See the main power source and the TV connection, make sure the cords are not damaged, and check if the TV has a backlight panel problem.

Does my Vizio have a power button?

All TVs have a power button on them. The location of the power button varies from model to model. You may find it in the TV frame’s rear or bottom left or right corners.

What is the power button on the TV?

The major purpose of the TV’s power button is to turn the power on and off.

Final Words

People often question the power button locations of their Vizio TVs. I advise them to read the model manual and, before purchasing the TV, see the essential instructions, reviews, and feedback of the people to know the quality, its features, and the common issues such as the frame’s power or reset button locations.

I have explained the location of the Vizio TV power button in detail and mentioned why they are hard to find. I hope this information will help you in the future.

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