Where is the Power Button on Hisense TV? (All Models)

I have seen so many users asking about the Hisense TV power button and other relevant questions about the Hisense TV. The problem is mainly with the location. Well, depending on the model of the television, there are chances that the button is located either at the back of the TV set or on the left side.

It is sometimes present under the TV or in the middle of the IR sensor. Since the question is one of the most asked, I thought I would explain the answer in detail so you can know the exact location. To avoid frustration, we have summed up the topic straightforwardly.

The power button on Hisense TV is usually under the TV or in the middle of the IR sensor. The models before 2013 had the power button at the back of the television or sometimes on the lower right/left side.

Hisense TV Power Button

Undoubtedly, almost all of the recently released televisions from Hisense are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also extremely attractive in their designs. It has been seen that Hisense has compromised on several other things to get the desired aesthetic look, and one such thing is the TV buttons.

TV buttons on most of the Hisense models are hidden because, according to the manufacturers, the buttons make the TV outlook unappealing. Well, we will cover exactly where the TV buttons on Hisense TV are and how to find them.

Location of the Power Button on Hisense TV

Well, it’s not possible for any of the televisions to not have a power button. They are on all of the Hisense televisions. What you have to do is find them.

Most new Hisense TV models have a power button underneath the IR sensor. The IR sensor is in the middle of the television. Look at just underneath the IR sensor or around it for the button.

Hisense TV power button
Hisense TV power button
Hisense TV's power button
Hisense TV’s power button under the IR sensor

Alternatively, the older models or the models before 2013 have the power button at the back of the television or sometimes on the lower right side. Check the back side of the TV and the more down right side to see whether there is a power button. Moreover, you can also look for it just below the HDMI slot.

Hisense TV's power button on old models
Hisense TV’s power button on old models

Another important thing to remember when looking for it is to consider getting help from the TV’s manual. You can download it by searching for your TV model from here.

Keep in mind this because, in this way, you can find it easily and quickly without any hustles. Now, look at alternative options you can choose despite using the power button.

Turn ON Hisense TV Without Remote

Use the RemoteNOW App

This is one of the most effective methods that you can go with. The RemoteNOW app is compatible with most Hisense TV models and works best with them.

What you have to do is pair the app with your television. To pair it, the first thing that you have to do is use the power button located on the television to turn the TV on. Then, find and install the RemoteNOW application on your mobile device.

After installation, open the app and tap on the TV icon. The TV icon is located in the top left corner. Your RemoteNOW app is connected to the television; you can now use your television via the RemoteNOW app.

Connecting Hisense TV with RemoteNOW app
Connecting Hisense TV with the RemoteNOW app

You can also reset Hisense TV without a remote in case the TV has any software bugs or incorrect settings.

Use the Android TV Remote App

If you have connected your TV with the RemoteNOW app and it is not working, that means the TV model is not compatible with the app. Your alternate choice is the Android TV remote app.

You have to turn on your Hisense television using the power button. Download and install the Android TV remote app according to your phone’s OS.

Now, install and open the application. After installation, establish the pair, and now you can use the digital remote in the application to control your television via mobile.

Connecting Hisense TV with Remote for Android TV app
Connecting Hisense TV with Remote for Android TV app

If your Hisense TV is not turning ON, it probably has some issue with its power supply or a software bug. Try checking the power supply and other cables.


Can you get a new Hisense TV remote if you have lost your older one?

Yes, you can purchase another Hisense TV remote if lost. Although the remote you buy from the market will not be genuine, it will be a copy of the Hisense TV remote. It would be helpful for you to control the TV without directly touching the panel.

Can I use my mobile as a remote for Hisense TV?

You can use your phone as a remote if you have a Hisense Android TV or a Hisense Roku TV. To do that, you have to download their app and attach the app with the TV to use the mobile remote on your Hisense TV.

Is the Hisense TV remote app available?

The Hisense TV remote app is available on the Play Store and the App Store. What you have to do is simply search for the application by typing RemoteNOW and download it. After downloading, the app will be installed on your mobile, and you can use it to operate your television efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have reviewed the abovementioned article about Hisense TV’s power button information. The guide tells about its location on new and old Hisense TV models.

We have also covered the alternate choices to turn on the TV if you don’t want to touch the panel directly. Pay attention so you can know your alternate options and where the Hisense TV power button is located.

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