Who Makes Insignia TV? Is Insignia a Good Brand?

Insignia is not a consumer electronics company but rather a private label that comes under the trademark of Best Buy, and most of them are manufactured by a Chinese company, Hisense. This creates a lot of confusion in a person’s mind about their history, founders, reliability, and cost. If you plan to buy an Insignia TV but do not know who makes it, keep reading this guide.

Who Makes Insignia TVs?

Insignia is a private label trademark owned by an American company, BestBuy. However, the Chinese company Hisense is the one who manufactures these TVs, particularly the expensive ones.

History of the Founders

BestBuy is a worldwide popular consumer electric company located in Minnesota. It is currently the owner of the Insignia trademark and sells other electronics under this name. Apart from this, it also sells appliances and electronic devices from established brands to customers.

Insignia launched into the market in 2004 and suddenly gained popularity for its high standards of technology and reasonable prices. The brand has built its name by producing cutting-edge TVs that may be more affordable than high-end companies.

Insignia FireTV at Best Buy
Insignia FireTV at Best Buy

Who Makes Insignia TV for Best Buy?

As discussed above, they are only sold at Best Buy stores, where they control the entire branding and production process. However, a Chinese company, Hisense, overlooked the entire manufacturing and design process. That said, when it comes to low-end TVs with limited features and functionality, other Chinese businesses and a Japanese company, Sharp, manufacture them.

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Manufacturing Plants

So, it is safe to assume that these TVs are produced worldwide, while most come from China. This is because Insignia is a subsidiary of Best Buy rather than an entity. Given this background, Best Buy established contracts with production plants across nations.

According to popular stats, almost 70% of the world’s Insignia TVs are produced in Southeast Asia, particularly China, which is why it is a leading industry for electronics and appliances. However, before they are launched in the market, these TVs are tested for quality and functionality. Also, the fact that they are affordable makes them an excellent choice for consumers.

  • Contract Manufacturers: The Chinese company Hisense usually produces these TVs based on their outsourcing agreements. Insignia has worked hard on developing a solid relationship with contract manufacturers.

Insignia TV Operating System

These TVs use different operating systems depending on the TV model. Typically, expensive Insignia TVs use the Roku operating system, one of the best and manufactured in the United States. Hisense manufacturers also use Amazon Fire OS for mid- or low-level TVs.

These operating systems offer access to media-playing services and additional applications like voice command and screen sharing. Overall, this OS gives you crisp video quality and no lag issues.

Roku OS
Roku OS

What is the Insignia System?

Simply put, it is the company that deals with the designing and manufacturing electronic devices and appliances for businesses that are not under the brand name of Insignia. The company offers its flagship name, the InMarket advertising network, for small startups to launch successful products with better marketing.

They also collaborate with already established brands in retail and help them increase their sales and eventually achieve more revenue. Not only this, but they also deal with the customers through mechanisms like in-store marketing consulting, strategy support, development support, and product design assistance.

Is Insignia a Good Brand?

Insignia is a good budget brand. The TVs are sold based on their features, quality, and competition. These TVs offer a relatively satisfying experience according to their price range. It has a lot of colors and enhanced contrast levels, making the overall visuals excellent for streaming shows and enjoying video games.

These TVs have diverse connectivity options, including HDMI input ports, Ethernet, and WiFi connections. So, it would be better to consider an Insignia model if you are on a tight budget yet do not want to compromise on the quality. Here are a few good things that make Insignia TVs a great appeal.

Insignia TV's connectivity ports
Connectivity ports

Warranty and Customer Support

Best Buy is the only retailer of these TVs and other electronic appliances, so all the warranties are covered under this name. The retailer covers two warranties: a regular warranty and an extended warranty. These warranties apply to all Insignia products across Canada and the USA.

Best Buy has an official support page from which consumers can get manuals and warranty details. They can also get their components repaired and replaced by contacting a customer service center directly from the website.


Another good thing about them is that they offer better video quality. With all Insignia TVs, you will get crisp video quality, higher brightness, and contrast levels, making it at par with brands like LG and Sony. A few high-end TVs will also offer advanced features like intelligent motion sensors and smart controls.

Image quality
Image quality

Price Point

They have become extremely popular for their low prices. Unlike high-end brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony, Insignia offers a similar range of features at a competitive price. For instance, the most expensive Insignia alternative with a selection of devices would come around $1000.


Although they are reasonably priced and offer high technology standards, they also have disadvantages.

  • Its first significant flaw is that it does not offer local dimming zones with backlight support. Eventually, it influences the image quality of the TV. Also, users do not have the option to personalize the operating system.
  • Insignia users have received other complaints, including poor image quality, display faults, and red lines. They have also reported dissatisfaction with the customer service.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Typically, the two most common complaints from Insignia TV users are related to their power supply and remote control. In both cases, the performance of the TV gets impacted, or worse, it does not even switch on.

  • Apart from this, screen freezing and flickering continuously are other problems users encounter. It can result from hardware issues like a loose HDMI connector, faulty components, or technical problems like outdated software and incorrect default settings. Usually, these issues can be solved by using soft or hard resets.
  • However, some TVs may experience problems with their sound, usually due to faulty speakers. The good thing is that it can be solved by replacing the external speakers.

How Long Do Insignia TVs Last?

Typically, a TV would last you up to seven years or more, depending on the condition of the TV. If you take care of your TV entirely, it can last you for around nine years. Do note that some users have complained of their TVs becoming unusable after only three years of service, which is typically the case with affordable TV sets.

How Does Insignia Compare to Roku?

Well, there is no definitive answer to this question. This is because Insignia is a private label trademark sold under Best Buy, whereas Roku is a smart TV type produced under Roku. Both technologies work fine and offer access to almost all streaming platforms and video games, including Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney, and Netflix.

If we compare both from the price point, Insignia TVs are less expensive than Roku TVs. However, this comes at the cost of intelligent features. Roku TVs also come with an extra subscription cost. That said, you can also access free and ad-supported channels on Roku TV, including the Roku Channel and Pluto TV.

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Are Insignia TVs made in China?

Yes, the majority of them are made in China. However, some cheaper TVs are also manufactured in Japan and Vietnam.

Is Insignia a Samsung TV?

No, Insignia is not a Samsung TV. It is a private label trademark that sells its TVs under the name of Best Buy (an American company that specializes in consumer electronics) in the United States and Canada. In comparison, Samsung is a South Korean company specializing in consumer electronics like Best Buy and selling various electronics.

How long does Insignia TV last?

On average, they can last anywhere between seven and nine years, depending on the model of the TV and its condition. However, users complain that Hisense does not design their affordable range, so they do not last more than three years. Hence, it differs from model to model.

Who makes Insignia TV?

The Chinese company Hisense manufactures these TVs in China. However, they differ from the typical Chinese manufacturers in that they offer high standards at a reasonable price. Moreover, all the TVs are sold under the name of Best Buy in the United States and Canada.

Is Insignia better or LG?

It is a contested topic among consumers in the market, as their preferences are involved. Simply put, both Insignia and LG TVs are considered quality and have different strengths. Insignia is usually a better option for anyone with a tight budget and crisp picture quality, whereas LG offers advanced features for a thoroughly immersive experience.

Final Thoughts

Insignia TVs are getting popular for their incredible quality and reasonable price as time progresses. However, there is a lot of confusion about their manufacturers and distributors, making people apprehensive about their sales.

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