Yuzu Early Access APK v19 For Android Free Download

Professional and amateur gamers now get easy access to Nintendo Switch games on their laptops, PCs, and Android devices. It is possible through Yuzu Emulator, which comes at no cost and requires firmware and prod.keys to run games. In addition, with the help of GPU drivers, gaming performance increases, and there is no chance of glitches or lags. 

If you want to play games on your Android tablet or smartphone, you can use the Yuzu Android app’s EA version. You can explore additional features and experience visuals at an optimal level.

But where do you get Yuzu Early Access APK for Android? Check out the download links below. 

Download Yuzu Early Access v19 APK

VersionDownload Link
Yuzu v19 (86d26914a)Download

Note: The Yuzu emulator has been officially discontinued and removed from the Google Play Store. So, you will not receive future updates or improvements anymore.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Processor: Snapdragon 865 or higher
  • GPU: 740 GPU or ARM Mali-G720
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Android Version: 11 or higher

How to Install

  • From the link, download the Yuzu Early Access APK Android file.
  • After downloading, open it and click on Install.
  • Once installed, click on Open and then click Get Started.
  • Select the prod keys and add games.
  • You have successfully installed it on your device.
Installing Yuzu EA APK
Installing Yuzu EA APK

Benefits of Yuzu Early Access

You might be asking what are the benefits of Yuzu Early Access and why to go for it. Let’s take a look. 

Increase Performance 

The benefit of Yuzu Early Access is something every gamer needs i.e. improved gaming performance, enhanced speed, and seamless experience. If you are a pro gamer, you must get Yuzu Early Access. 

Stay Updated

With Yuzu Early Access you can access updates that are presently in the development phase. In this way, you can be far ahead of other gamers and features. 

Priority Support

Yuzu Early Access allows you to get priority support, allowing you to experience gaming with support in case of any problem. 

Support Gaming Community 

With Yuzu Early Access, you can be part of the gaming community and contribute to supporting the gamers. 

Enhanced Graphics Quality 

Want to be involved in immersive gaming? Yuzu Early Access has got you covered by offering improved graphics quality including resolution scaling and texture filtering. 

Increased Compatibility 

With Yuzu Early Access, you can unleash compatibility with thousands of games, offering access to multiple gaming options. 

Game Modding 

Gaming can be a treat for pro gamers offering game modding. It allows gamers to tailor and personalize the gaming experience. 

Easily Integrate Controller

Yuzu Early Access allows the integration of external game controllers for a better gaming experience. For instance, playing shooting games with a joystick gun could double your fun. 

Greater Access to Built-in Features 

Experience the features like split screen, local co-op, and multiplayer for a better gaming experience. 


Q. Is Yuzu Early Access free?

A. No, it is not free. You have to pay $5 to install it from Google Play Store

Q. Is this compatible with all Android devices?

A. Yes, it is compatible with all Android devices as long as you meet the minimum device requirements we mentioned in this post. 

Q. How often do I get updates on Yuzu Early Access on Android?

A. There is no fixed time as to when updates will be available. However, they provide updates regularly, either weekly or monthly.

Final Thoughts

It’s always a treat to play games on the go. With smartphones and tablets, you can now play Nintendo Switch games without spending money on an expensive console. In this post, we have provided you the download link and steps to install it on your device. 

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