Yuzu Prod Keys v18.0.0 Free Download Latest 2024

The Yuzu emulator is gaining popularity among gamers. It offers easy access to Nintendo Switch games on a PC/laptop running Linux or Windows. Without paying a hefty amount on buying Nintendo Switch, the Emulator is free to download. 

The emulator provides hands-on experience on some of the most popular Nintendo Switch games without compromising on speed or facing jitters.

However, to run the Emulator on your device, you need to download and upload product keys. The purpose of these product keys is to encrypt Nintendo Switch game ROMs, otherwise games would remain inaccessible. 

There are two types of keys in it:

  1. Prod.Keys
  2. Title.Keys

What are Prod Keys & Title Keys?

Yuzu Prod Keys are similar to a serial number that comes with a CD to let the emulator authenticate the game. 

Yuzu Title Keys are the encryption keys that the emulator uses to decode and allow users to play Nintendo Switch games. 

Download Yuzu Prod Keys for Windows, Android & Linux

These product keys will work on Windows, Android, and Linux. You can download their latest as well as old versions without any issues using the links given below:

Version Download Link
v18.0.0 (Latest)Download

How to Install Yuzu Prod Keys?

Download the keys from the above links after installing the Yuzu Emulator on your PC/laptop. Once you download them, a Zip file will be saved on your system. Unzip that using any Zip extractor software, and you will get two files extracted to the desired location on your computer, namely prod.keys and title.keys

Follow the below steps to install the Prod Keys. 

  • Open the Yuzu on your computer.
Open yuzu emulator
Open yuzu emulator
Encryption keys are missing
  • Go to the File menu on the Emulator and select Open Yuzu Folder.
Open yuzu folder
Open yuzu folder
  • You will find plenty of files, but all you need to locate is the “Keys” folder (Create one if not available).
Open keys folder
Open keys folder
  • Copy and paste the two files you extracted previously into the keys folder.
Paste the files here
Paste the files here
  • Relaunch the Emulator.
  • You are done with installing the keys on your emulator.

Now, you can enjoy playing Nintendo Switch games on your computer. 


Q. Is Yuzu Emulator legal?

A. Yes, it is entirely legal and safe to use

Q. Do I need Yuzu keys to run the emulator?

A. Yes, you need to download and install the keys to run the emulator and play Nintendo Switch games.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we have covered everything you need to know about installing the Prod keys on the Yuzu emulator. If you are a big fan of Nintendo Switch games, there is no better way than this to enjoy these games on your system without breaking the bank. 

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